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Harry M Rose 

Entrepreneurial Business  Investor

Hello, I am Harry Rose.  I am a business investor.  I have been and I am currently president of New Tech Industries.   This company was founded by myself and my partner Jim Pardee in 1982.  We have two other companies Hotel Communication Supply and Security Camera Access Control.  I would estimate we have sold over 60 million dollars worth of products over the years.  We have humble beginnings starting at local south Florida flea markets and now running a highly technical low voltage distributorship (which our customers would say is the best at least in south Florida).  We have seen many changes in the last 35 years.  Six presidents have come and gone and we're working on the seventh right now.  Maybe eight sooner than we might think if Trump can't keep his twitter shut.  There have been numerous upturns and downturns and we have made it through all of them. 

My new venture is simple.  I would like to take a little money and a lot of expertise and help new entrepreneurs get their businesses going.  I am looking for an equity stake in these businesses.  This can be from 5 - 50%.  I have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience and I also have a large network of professional friends with additional money and expertise that I can reach out to.

I am not running a charity nor looking to give money away. I am looking for hard working people who need some help getting a new business started or a business that has already started that could use some help.

My goal is to create a self perpetuating investment portfolio taking the returns and reinvesting them in new businesses.

I have been married for 36 years and have four grown children.  They all have successful and interesting careers of their own and do not work in this or any of my other businesses.


Why do you want to do this?

I recently had a retinal detachment which put me in bed for about 3 weeks (laying face down for a lot of it).  During this time I listened to numerous podcasts.  I have been a long time listener of podcasts pertinent to this business TWIST (This Week In Start Ups).  My interest in entrepreneurship and startups in general led me to look for other podcasts in this genre.  I found, Powdrekeg, Side Hustle School, and many more as I had hours of time to fill.

One podcast not in the Business arena Revisionist History by Malcolm Gladwell had some effect on me.  Two stories in particular which I will quickly paraphrase here.  The first was about a $100 Million donation to a tiny public university in New Jersey.  The point was this donation vs much larger donations to Harvard and Stanford would have much more effect on the world because it really changed the lives of people.  The other story was about low-income students who will never make it to the universities that are appropriate to their intellectual gifts. 

These stories and my love of entrepreneurship has led me to begin thinking about how I could effect change in peoples lives in some way.  This brought me to wanting to work on what I call micro startups.  Businesses that need some small amount of capitol and maybe a big push to get going.

If you are an entrepreneur and think I can help you please contact me.

What do you invest in?

I invest in people who do - not people who talk about doing.  If you are not sure which you are don't contact me.